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Sales Funnels Explained (Simply)

June 24, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Business Terms,Maketing Tips,Sales Tips

“Sales Funnels Are The Future…”

Sales Funnels are truly the future and here is why… We have been told for years that in order grow our businesses, we need to be online and we need to have a great looking website. Well, that may be true but, how much money do you actually make from your website? Do you know?  After being online for 15+ years now, I can honestly tell you that less than 1% of people who visit your site take any action at all. That means 99% of the people visiting your current site take a quick look around and leave, to never see your website or business again. What if you could direct these people to a page “Sales Funnel” that is completely measurable and allows you to tap into 30 – 50% of your visitors?  What would that do for your business?

“Let’s Keep This Simple…”

In this article, I’m going to share with you why every business on the planet needs a sales funnel and if you are not using a sales funnel to systematically grow your business, you are leaving a ridiculous amount of money on the table. Most of the content available on sales funnels is just filled with techno-babble, this article is here to simply explain the concept and why you need it in your business.

First off… Here are 3 of the most common reasons why businesses aren’t currently using online sales funnels.

Reason 1# They don’t know what a sales funnel is!

Reason 2# They don’t have the technical skills!

Reason 3#  They don’t have $20K+!

Let’s dig a little deeper into these reasons …

What Are Sales Funnels? 

sales funnels

If you have ever eaten at McDonald’s in your life, you have seen a sales funnel is full swing. It starts off with a growl in your stomach and the next thing you know you are in the drive through of your local McDonalds. You place your order and it goes something like this.

You: “I’ll take a BigMac, Please.”

Them: “Would you like fries and coke with that, to make it a combo?”

You: “Sure, That would be great!”

Them: “Would you like to super-size that?”

You: “Sure” (because you are hungry after all!)

What has happened here is extraordinarily simple at first glance but has given McDonald’s the opportunity to increase its margin by 800% on each transaction it makes. McDonald’s makes millions of transactions a year.

This is sales funnel is the simplest form.

Watch This Video For More Detail

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What Technical Skills Are Needed?

If you wanted to build a sales funnel back in the day by yourself, you would need to be a computer whiz with knowledge in programming, graphic design and copywriting. Thank goodness it’s not 2001 anymore. A company named “Click Funnels” has totally changed the game! If you can point and click, you can build out a sales funnel for your company!


How Much To Build A Sales Funnel?

Again back in 2001, you would need a programmer, graphic designer and copywriter to accomplish building out a funnel. This could easily cost you $20 – 30K to get your funnel up and running. Now I know if you are a large company this is not an issue but, money is money and that is a decent amount of cheddar for any company. Now with the power of “Click Funnels,” you can build out and manage all aspects of your funnel for less than $100 per month. Plus a 2 Week Free Trial! Can’t beat it!

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Will A Sales Funnel Work For My Business?

You bet your ass they will, every business needs a sales funnel! If you are in an industry where your competition is not using sales funnels, you have a major opportunity on your hands.

Here is what an online sales funnel should look like:

This will work for on/offline business, big, small, service, retail businesses! This will work for any business and If you are not using a sales funnel you are losing an obscene amount of money.

Listen… If you want to increase your business by 30 – 50%, you need a Sales funnel, it’s just that simple! I have arranged with my good friends at Click Funnels to set you up with a free 2-week trial to get a sales funnel up and running before your have to pay. Click funnels is currently a $300 Million dollar company and guess what? They used sales funnels to build their business. It works like clockwork for any business!

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Sales Funnels Explained (Simply)
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Sales Funnels Explained (Simply)
We have been told for years that in order grow our businesses, we need to be online and we need to have a great looking website. Well, that may be true but, how much money do you actually make from your website? Do you know?
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