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Custom Dropship Website Business In British Columbia For Sale

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Do you have the dream of owning your own internet business? We are here to help! Let take your dream to reality with one of our 4 custom turnkey internet business packages. Each package has been created to fit your budget and needs. With package prices starting at $3550.00. Packages #3 & #4 even include the award winning ecommerce consulting and training program. To find out more, please contact us today!

-Why go the custom turnkey site creation route?
1) You can dictate the design by working directly with our web design team.
2) You get to choose your products and vendors.
3) Your more in control of what your business turns out be.
4) You like one of our current turnkey sites for sale, but want to be able to choose products and dictate the design.
5) We have 4 custom turnkey site packages to meet both your requirements and budget!

-How long does a custom turnkey site take?
Plan on 4-8 weeks depending on the industry you choose.

-Do all industry’s drop ship?
No, so please discuss with us which industry you’re hoping to work in.

What is a Custom Turnkey Internet Business?

Pure Ecommerce will take your idea or concept and turn it into a complete, ready to go, Internet business. You simply provide the idea or concept or you can apply one of our ideas and we go to work turning your dream business into a reality!

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