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7 Ways To Increase Sales In 30 Days Or Less!

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Increase Sales

Increase Sales

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“What Have Your Done For Me Today?”


Companies that increase sales every quarter do two things very well: first is they learn how to increase sales by attracting new business and secondly the focus on selling more to their existing customers.

So you had a stellar year last year, solid last quarter and just crushed your numbers last month but…

What have you done for me today?

It doesn’t matter if you own the company or working for a non-profit, It’s your job to hit quota!

Well, don’t worry we are here to help and we going to make it easy for you to increase sales!

All you are going to have to do to increase sales is carve out some time to Implement 2 or 3 of our “7 Ways To Increase Sales in 30 days or less” and enjoy the results!

Let’s Jump Right In…


Price Increase

“The Price Always Goes Up!”


This is extremely effective and simple way to increase sales immediately after you apply it to your business.

Do you have existing customers? Have they been with you for more than a year?

If so, it’s time to put through a price increase and Instantly increase sales.

I would recommend putting through a 3 – 5% price increase.

Why A Price Increase: The simple answer is that the prices always go up!

Time To Implement:  Less than an hour.

Time To See Results:  30 days to increase sales (One Billing Cycle)

Only $525 For A Car…


Old Car

As you can see, the price of automobiles has gone up a tad since the 1930’s! 🙂

Action Plan:

  1. Send an email to all existing customers and notify them that the pricing is going up.


Title: Price Increase Expected

Body: Good Morning *Client Name*,

You may not be aware but, we have recently received a *10%* increase from our *supplier/shipping/reason for increase* and our pricing is going up!

We won’t push the whole thing on to you and I will guarantee this price for *X* amount of time.

We are looking to put a price increase through of *5%* effective *Date.* I apreciate your business and would be happy to meet with you in person or over the phone to talk about this in greater detail.

Kind Regards,

Your Name


  1. Increase your prices on your website and all other locations visible to the public to make this official.

95% of your clients will have no issue with the price increase. 4% will want to talk to you about it and negotiate. 1% will not want it all.

So negotiate with the 4% and wave it all together for the 1 % that has an issue.  This will make all existing clients happy and still allow you to put in a price increase of 3 – 5% on 99% of your customers. Ultimately growing your bottom line and increasing sales.


cold call

“An Irresistible Offer…


For one reason or another cold calling has received a bad rap over time. Cold Call/Emails are the single largest growth engines I have used to increase sales for my companies to date. That being said, there is a right way and wrong way to do this. This can be done with both B2C and B2B but, because my experience is in the B2B space that’s is where I’m going to focus in this article.

Why Cold Calling: It’s low cost and when done right it can net you major results!

The Right Way: Think about whom you would like call and offer them an irresistible offer. Simple Right!

The Wrong Way: Randomly call people and have a crappy offer! 🙂

Time To Implement:  8hrs.+ A Week

Time To See Results:  3 – 5 business days to increase sales.

Action Plan:

  1. Build A List Of Potential Clients (Use Excel or Google Docs)

NOTE: A free CRM are a great option as well https://www.hubspot.com/

Cold Call

      1b. Use Google, LinkedIn and Yellowpages.com to find and research leads.

  1. Craft Your Irresistible Offer

The Irresistible offer is the key to your success with cold calling. If you craft the right offer you will see your sales go through the roof! The goal of an Irresistible offer is to get as many potential customers to start doing business with your company at very low risk for the customer. After they have opened their wallets, tried out your irresistible offer and love the results you can provide. This is the point where you sell the on your main service and make your money.


Website design Irresistible Offer example:

A “Bad Offer”

I can design you a new website, it’s going to cost you $10,000 dollars!

A “Good offer”

For a limited time only we are offering to revamp local companies logos for just $20!


Construction Company Irresistible Offer Example:

A “Bad Offer”

I can build you a house for  1 million dollars! 😉

A “Good Offer”

For a limited time, we are offering “Low-Cost Construction Service” for Just $47.00!


Saas Business Irresistible Offer Example:

A “Bad Offer”

I can help your business, pay me! LOL

A “Good Offer”

For a limited time you can try us for “Free” then you pay us if you like it!


As you can see from these examples you want to open the door and add value before you start selling.


  1. Write A Script

Now that you know who you are going to be talking with and have an Irresistible offer for them, it’s time for you to craft your phone script. The reasons you want to have a good script is that it will help you stay on point and it will also allow you to train your staff to reproduce your winning results. You will never have a perfect phone script, it should be an ongoing process as you find out what how well it preforms in your market. Below is a sample script that will give you a solid start!


(Gate Keeper)

Hello, How are you today!

I’m looking to speak with *John*, is he available?

If No: No problem when should I call back?

If Yes: Great Thank You!

If Who Is This: This is *your first name* and I’m just following up with *John* about *your service*.

(Talking To The Business Owner)

Hey *John*, How are you doing to today?

Great, I’m with *XYZ company* and I have an opportunity for you *to save $1000 Dollars in the next 5 min.* (Your Offer Here)

Did I catch you at a good time?

If No*

No worries *John*, I totally understand! So, when is the best time for me to follow up with you? Are you available 2 or 4 pm on Thursday?

If Yes*

Go into your pitch! Talk about how you are going to service them!

outsource it

Outsource the list building: http://freelancer.com

Outsource the script/Irresistible offer: https://emeraldbb.ca/contact (This is me and I’m not cheap!)

Outsource the whole process:  https://salesstaff.com/b2b-cold-calling-company/



“Break The Ice…”


Email outreach is a great tool for taking potential prospects from total strangers to paying customers.

If you have no interest in selling over the phone, cold email is for you and your business.

Again I will be focusing on B2B as it’s what I have experience with.

The main difference between a cold call and cold email is that an email is used to break the ice. You want to make an introduction and not start selling right away.

Why Cold Email: It only cost time and it’s a great way to introduce potential clients to you and your brand.

Time To Implement:  8hrs+ Weekly

Time To See Results:    2 – 3 business days.

Action Plan:

  1. Much like in cold calling you need to compile a list of potential clients.

Cold Call


Tools To Find Email:

Ninja Outreach ( <== My Affiliate Link!)

https://hunter.io (Solid Tool!)

Yesware’s Detailed Tutorial On Finding Emails: Here


  1. Use this awesome email outreach script to make a connection with potential prospects.

Email Script:

Title: I’d Love To Talk To The Appropriate Person


Hi [First Name],

I noticed you guys are actively looking for more *Insert What You Sell Here*.

We currently provide *Insert What You Sell Here* that will help you *Desired Result*

When you have a few minutes, I’d love to talk to you or the appropriate person about this.


[Your Name Here] – Direct Line [Phone Number]

Using this script we get an average   40 – 50% Open Rate! (You’re Welcome!)

open rate


social influencers

Use The Power Of Influencers To Increase Sales!


If you don’t know what a social influencer is, you must be living under a rock.

Mainstream media as we know it has been disturbed in a major way by individuals with mass social media following.

These Individuals are known as “Social Influencers” and they are already talking to your potential costumers.

Using their Influence these social media superstars are more than happy to work with you are your brand and spread your message for a fee.

Why Social Influencers:

It’s a very low cost to start and has the potential for big results. The key with social influencers is finding the perfect target market to get in front of. The great news is that you have lots of options to choose from. Use the power of Influencers to increase sales.

Time To Implement:  Using Ninja Outreach 2 Hours. Manually 8 Hours.

Time To See Results:  10 – 15 Days

Action Plan:

  1. Build A List

You want to gather a list of influencer and their contact info for outreach.


By the end of this article, you will be a pro at excel or google docs! 🙂

  1. Find Influencers

You can do a manual search on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube to find influencers you would like to be featured on.

But, I highly recommend using a tool such as Ninja Outreach (<== My Affiliate Link) This will automate 99% of the process! Ninja Outreach Rocks!



Use a social influencer ad network:










  1. Outreach

If you are not going to use a tool or an Influence Network and you are going through the process manually this is what it would look like for facebook to give you an example:

Search your niche:


Find a related fanpage that you would like to be featured on:


Reach out to fanpage owner and request to be featured.




Now you can repeat this process on all of the networks you would like to get featured on.


If you get featured in front of the right audience you will dramatically increase sales. This is also great for brand recognition and can be done relatively cheap.


free givaways

“People Love Free Stuff…”


People love free stuff, including your potential your customers.

Giving something away in exchange for a first name/email or a social share can really allow you to generate leads and amplify your brand across social networks.

Why Free Giveaways: They are very low cost and have awesome reach!

Time To Implement:  4 Hours.

Time To See Results:  3 Days

Action Plan:

  1. Decide What To Giveaway

Here are some awesome examples:


Free phone case Giveaway with 19K likes 49 comments and 74 shares


$20 Prize, In 2 Hrs got 8 comments, 31 likes, and 125 retweets! Talk about powerful!


3.4k Likes, 124 Comments, and 638 Shares! Killing it!

  1. Build Your Giveaway

After trying out 3 different platforms, I came across Rafflecopter and it makes your life easier when running a giveaway. You can use it for free and the upgrade is $13/m.


Works like a charm: See Them Here

  1. Drive traffic to your free giveaway

Tap all of your existing asset websites, email list, and social media pages.

Also, use Facebook ads to promote your giveaway as their platform is built for this for this type of promotion. If done correctly you should have hundreds if not thousands of new leads for yourself and sales team to follow up with. Not to mention the awesome brand exposure in the process. This is a game changer when it comes to increasing sales and the bottom line!


web traffic

“Generate High-quality Leads


The Internet is one of best places on the planet to develop leads for your business. If you are not tapping into a large amount of paid traffic on the internet you’re a missing out like crazy. In this sections, I’m going to break it down for you and I will show you how to position your business to generate high-quality leads from this traffic.

Why Web Traffic And Leads: It’s a never ending source of leads and potential customers who are looking for your business. This works great for on and offline business alike.

Time To Implement:  8 Hours.

Time To See Results:  7 Days

Action Plan:

  1. Build A Lead Magnet

Lead Magnet: A lead magnet is an ethical bribe that you can provide your web visitors such as an ebook, video training or something that is exclusive to your business.



Offer A Discount For An Email Address

Learn More From OptiMonk  About Boosting Sales With Onsite Retargeting


Free Ebook For An Email Address


Free Video Training For An Email Address

      2. Set up a landing page.

Landing Page:  Is a simple page that has one goal and that goal is to capture someone’s email address. These pages have many names such as squeeze page, opting page, and capture page but, they all service the same purpose. That purpose is to generate leads for your business.


landing page

Long Form Landing Page

landing page

Short Form Landing Page


Another Short Form Landing Page

      3. Test, test and more testing

Testing: A popular form of a landing page test is call a split test or A/B test. The goal of a split test it to increase you’re opt-in or sign up rate on your page.



      4. Use the right tools for the job.


I use and recommend an all-in-software Click Funnels! It has changed the way I do business online!

Get A Free 2 Week Trial Check It Out Here ( <== My Affiliate Link)

      5. Send to your offer.

Facebook Ads

If you are unfamiliar with Facebook it has approx. 1.94 Billion active monthly users and there is a very good chance that your potential client hangs out there. Being the largest social network it has amazing tools that allow you to target your best possible audience.

Example Of Ads:

Facebook ads

Learn More Visit: https://www.facebook.com/business/products/ads

Here Is An Amazing Tutorial By Ad Espresso: Click Here

Instagram is another monster source of traffic with 400 million MAU. It’s owned by facebook and your ads will display on Instagram through facebook ads network.

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that allows it’s 150 million monthly active users to organize content such as DIY ideas, recipes, and life hacks, just to name a few. It’s a great place to find inspiration on almost any topic you can imagine. From an advertising standpoint, it was originally thought to be great for targeting your female audience. Which it is but, men under 40 are their fastest growing segment of new sign ups.

Example Of Ads:


Learn More Visit: https://ads.pinterest.com/

Here is amazing Tutorial By Pinright.com: Click Here

Twitter Ads

Twitter has been an amazing source of traffic for me and my businesses. Twitter is less formal compared to the other networks and it has amazing reach. With 300 million monthly active users it’s a no brainier to get in front of your target market.

Example Of Ads:

twitter ads

Learn More Visit: https://ads.twitter.com/

Here is amazing Tutorial By Hootsuite: Click Here


LinkedIn is known as the professional network and works great for promoting B2B products and service. They have 100 Million active monthly users and a have a very solid ad platform.

Example Of Ads:


Learn More About LinkedIn Ads Visit: https://www.linkedin.com/ad/accounts

Here is an Amazing Tutorial By Kissmetrics: Click Here


Google Adword

Google is the number one most visited site on the planet. Through Google’s search and display network, you have the ability to reach 90% of everyone who uses the internet! Now that’s powerful! Not to mention that your potential clients are searching for your businesses products and services making it that much easier to offer your assistance.

Example Of Ads:


Learn More Visit: https://www.google.ca/adwords/

Here is an Amazing Tutorial By Word Stream: Click Here

When done right you will be able to generate more leads than your business can handle. The best part of this is once it’s set up and converting, it’s a true  turnkey way to generate new leads on demand!


Acquire A Business

“If You Can’t Beat Them, Buy Them…”


If you are looking for immediate growth why not purchase the growth you are looking for. If you can’t beat them, buy them! 🙂 Growth by acquisition is hands down one of the most effect ways to increase sales and your company as a whole.

Why Acquire A Business:  This will provide your business with an instant growth and the new business you are looking for. That being said it take time and money to make this happen.

Time To Implement:  Depending on your deal 30+ days

Time To See Results:  30+ days

Action Plan:

  1. Decide What To Buy.

Do you purchase a competitor or do you buy a complementary business?

For this example, we will use a dog walking service as your current business.


If you were to buy a competitor you would be purchasing another dog walking service.

A complementary business would be a dog groomers, dog sitters or dog hotel. etc.

  1. Use Emerald Business Board.

Search Our Marketplace:



Check Out The Listing:


Fill out the form and request more info:



  1. Come to an agreement

Do your due diligence and come to an agreement with the seller. Make sure you have your financing in order before reaching out to the owner to make the deal as smooth as possible. You will be sitting in an excellent position to increase sales and your business as a whole.

What should you do next?

Take action and Increase sales today.

If you got some value from this content and we would love to hear from you!

Please comment below!


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